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Elizabeth M Vogel
Instructor in Chemistry

Elizabeth is featured in the following media elements:

  • QuickTime: Advice to High School Students
  • In conjunction with "Interested in science?" Beth Vogel explains how high school students can pursue their interest in science.

  • QuickTime: Choosing a lab
  • Beth Vogel explains why she chose to complete her graduate research in the Imperiali lab.

  • QuickTime: Involvement in the Consortium
  • This is in conjugation with "Involvement in the Cell Migration Consortium." Beth Vogel explains what the Consortium is and how she is involved with it.

  • QuickTime: Life after Graduation
  • Beth Vogel discusses her plans after completing her Ph.D.

  • QuickTime: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Beth Vogel talks about how to troubleshoot experiments.

  • QuickTime: Synthetic Chemistry
  • Beth Vogel shares her reasons for studying synthetic chemistry.

  • QuickTime: The Chemists of the Consortium
  • Beth Vogel describes their collaborations.

  • QuickTime: The Importance of Paxillin
  • This is in conjugation with "Why Paxillin?" Beth Vogel explains the biological importance of paxillin.

  • QuickTime: The Love of Science
  • Beth Vogel discusses her interest in science and her undergraduate education in the liberal arts.

  • QuickTime: The Paxillin Eureka Moment
  • Beth Vogel describes the excitement of seeing the experiment work!

  • QuickTime: The Relevance of High School Biology
  • Beth Vogel relates the topics covered in high school biology to her work in the lab.

  • QuickTime: Timescale of the Project
  • Beth Vogel talks about how long she has been involved with the paxillin project.

  • QuickTime: Why MIT?
  • Beth Vogel explains why she chose MIT for graduate school.

What first made you interested in studying science?

I think I have always been interested in science. Growing up, I was endlessly exploring in the backyard and studying insects. Once I started school, I loved all my sciences courses, particularly biology when I was younger and eventually, once I took organic chem in college, in chemistry. I was lucky to have a number of fantastic science teachers.

What brought you to MIT?

As an undergraduate, I didn't know much about what graduate school involved, but I loved the atmosphere at MIT when I came for a visit, and I was very interested in living near Boston. In retrospect, MIT is a great choice because of the incredible research going on in so many different labs, but as a senior in college, it was mostly a gut feeling that I based my decision on.

What are your primary research interests?

I'm interested in applying organic chemistry to probe biological processes. The majority of my thesis research involves the synthesis and application of caged phosphorylated peptides and proteins for the study of kinase activity in cell signaling events.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, and anything that involves playing outdoors. I also spend alot of time reading and going to Red Sox games.

What is/are your favorite movie(s)?

Henry V and all of the Shakespeare adaptations directed by Kenneth Branagh.

What is/are your favorite book(s)?

That's hard to pick, but some books I tend to read over and over are All the King's Men (along with Robert Penn Warren's poetry), Jane Eyre, and Animal Dreams.

What is/are your favorite food(s)?

Ice cream, blueberries, and fresh-picked apples.

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